Unresponsive Touch Screen on Samsung A35: Possible Causes and Solutions

The Samsung A35, a widely used smartphone, is not immune to issues. An unresponsive touch screen is a common problem that users face. This article delves into the potential causes and offers troubleshooting advice.

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Physical Damage

An unresponsive touch screen could be due to physical damage. If your Samsung A35's screen has cracks or scratches, it might disrupt the digitizer, leading to responsiveness issues.

Screen Protector Issues

A defective or poor-quality screen protector might interfere with the touch screen's functionality. If you have a screen protector on your Samsung A35 and the touch screen isn't working as expected, consider removing the screen protector to see if it solves the problem.

Software Problems

Software-related issues can also lead to an unresponsive touch screen. This could be due to a problematic app or an operating system issue following an update.

Screen Attachments

Certain attachments to the screen, such as protective labels or non-approved protective glasses or films, can affect touch sensitivity. If these products are attached to the screen and it's not adhering properly, it might cause the touch screen to respond intermittently.

Moisture Exposure

Exposure to moisture can affect the touch sensitivity. If your Samsung A35 has been in contact with water or any other liquid, it might cause the touch screen to become unresponsive.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you're facing an unresponsive touch screen on your Samsung A35, here are some steps you can take:

1. Restart your device.

2. Check your charger.

3. Look for software updates.

4. Optimize device performance.

5. Disable touch sensitivity.

6. Reboot the phone in Safe Mode.

7. Back up and Factory Reset.

If the issue persists, it's recommended to contact Samsung Service Center.


An unresponsive touch screen on your Samsung A35 can be frustrating. However, understanding the potential causes and following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this post can help you resolve the issue. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact Samsung's customer service for further help.

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